Five Winning Strategies For Dating A Granny

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Dating a granny is fun and great when it works. Most guys fail to impress the older woman they are targeting because they are going about it the wrong way. They fail to get the relationship from the ground because they don’t understand what is required of them. Most of these older women are confident, brazen and know what they want, so if you fall short of their expectations they never hesitate checking out the next available guy and ditching you without second thought.

Therefore, to save you the frustrations of recurring failure during your attempts, outlined below are five winning strategies to use for dating a granny.

1. Understand What They Want

These older women are probably looking for young energetic men to spice up their lives and give them better sex experiences. Most of these women are probably career women, wives or mothers, so their schedules are definitely tight. Whenever they get that free time, you should always be promptly available to give her what she needs. Also, you have to be great in bed to keep her interested for long or else she will ditch you for a better younger man. So ensure that your performance sexually is top notch.

2. Be Confident

As much as you are younger, you have to show some level of control and maturity by being confident. Older women need to feel that they can trust you to deal with making major life decisions. On top of being great in bed, brains should also feature somewhere in the equation.

3. Boss Her Around A Little

Women are naturally submissive and cougars are no exception. They will up to some point, appreciate a little bit of dominance . Note that “only a little” is needed, to prove that you have a dominant trait which they will no doubt find sexy. Just be careful about getting carried away by this dominant act to the point of driving her away. Boss her around in a good way, like making her wear what you want her to because it looks sexy. Don’t yell at her, lest you lose her, remember cougars are also proud women and threatening their pride will definitely drive them away.

4. Compliment Her

Women love to be complimented especially older women. Single out her achievements and honestly tell her how great she is. Whenever she dresses well and looks physically appealing, do not hesitate to tell her how gorgeous she is. Tell her why you find her attractive and even if you add some embellishments, ensure that they are realistic and don’t look exaggerated. Remember older women are smarter too and if they suspect your insincerity they will leave you out cold.

5. Listen And Focus On What She Says

This is the only way to know what kind of personality she has. You will know what say and what not to say to her. Remember most of what she says and do what you think will please her from the information you garnered during your conversations. She will definitely be touched that you remembered the little things about her such as if she loves her whiskey on the rocks or mixed with something. Also, when you listen as she talks, she will appreciate your attentiveness, she is a cougar after all and making her feel she has your attention is a bit ego caressing.

The above strategies will definitely help you during your granny dating experience; just ensure that you implement them.