The Ultimate Granny Slappers Blueprint

Hot Granny Dating
Hot Granny Dating

So you want to bed a granny slapper? You want to experience the world of sex with GILFs. You’ve joined a collection of young men who know what they want and are willing to go for it. But you have to ask yourself; are you ready?

It seems like an easy enough mountain to climb, but there’s more than meets the eye. Yes, granny slappers have a great time. The sex is amazing and mind-blowing. There’s nothing better. Hooking up with GILFs is a whole other story.

The competition is a steep mountain, with dozens of young men like yourself all competing for the attention of hot grannies. Because of this, you have to truly stand out from everyone else. That’s the secret to becoming a God among grannies. You have to give them something they haven’t had before.

Obviously, they’ve been around. So being unique to a hot granny isn’t as easy as it sounds either. Honesty is a good trait. This will open a few doors for you. Even if you’re not experience, let your hot grannies be the judge of your skill. They will correct what needs to be corrected and offer guidance. As long as you listen, you’ll be hitting on granny slappers in no time.

If you’re looking for hot grannies online, your profile will contribute to your success rate. You’ll want to use a clear picture of your face, adding those ab-pics to your gallery (of course). You’ll want to fill out your profile with well-rounded information about yourself.

Skip music, movies and other generic information. You’re looking for a good time, so talk about your idea of a good time. Talk about your likes and dislikes. Get personal in your profile. It saves time because you won’t have to talk about the details through the messages.

When it comes to interacting through messages, your grannies are going to want to cut to the chase. They don’t want a detailed back and forth. Your granny slappers success might depend on how charming your initial message sounds. So make sure you’re wording your intentions correctly.

Send a semi-detailed message about why you chose that granny in particular. This will be alluring to the GILF of your choice. She will be more inclined to message you back. Of course, don’t rush her off the internet. While many grannies will want to see you in person, some will be hesitant. Be patient and it will be rewarded.

Sensitivity is important. We’re not talking about being a shoulder to cry on during that type of month. We’re talking about being a genuine human being. Patience when she’s hesitant. Listening when she speaks. Respecting the boundaries she’s laid out for you. These are the things that will make you successful with any granny slapper.

Because these are the traits that most hot GILFs are looking for. They don’t want someone who is going to use them for their own personal pleasure. They want something in return.

Take your time with a granny slapper and she’ll take her time with you.