What Is Granny Dating And How Does It Work

Granny Dating
Granny Dating

If you’ve heard the term “granny dating” you might be a little bit confused. Is this some kind of joke? Do people refer to their female partners as grannies because they seem physically older? No. Although that may happen, as a general rule the term refers to age.

Granny dating is when someone young (generally in their 20’s or early 30’s) is dating someone old enough to be their grandmother. Or at least, a grandmother. Often, these women are over their 50’s and into their 60’s. The term can be used for any ages in those brackets as well.

Now you might think it’s strange that a young boy would want to date a woman so much older. You’re not alone if that is your opinion. Sadly, it is a common opinion. Often, this misconception of it being “wrong” leads to many people feeling wrong about their thoughts. Many young men suppress their interest and desire when they should actively pursuing it!

It’s important that you try to see the benefit of younger men granny dating. There is value in hooking up with an older women. In order to deconstruct your own bias about granny dating, let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Men usually hit their sexual peak in their early 20’s, whereas a woman doesn’t hit hers until she’s past her 40’s. This means sexual compatibility is the highest among young men and older women. Young men are often looking for a good time, but run the risk of accidental pregnancy if it’s too-good of a time.

That can change the course of a man’s life, giving him obligations and taking away career options. With an older woman, there is less risk of this. Most women into granny dating are past the age of being able to bare children. They also have no desire to, either because they have or they just aren’t interested in having to parent (again).

Now you’re probably thinking any granny would have to parent a young man, right? Wrong. That’s just one of the many misconceptions about hot granny dating. Yes, an older woman will likely teach her companion a thing or two. Some of this will be sexual conquering, while some of it may just be how to treat a woman properly.

This is no different from any other relationship. We all learn in our relationships. If you’re not learning something from your partner, you’re probably not in a productive relationship. After all, life is a learning experience and every action should contribute to that.

That’s why it makes so much sense to have young men date much older women. When these young men hit their 30’s and want to settle down and have a wife, they’ll know how to treat her. They’ll know how to be attention, in and out of the bedroom. Any young woman would be glad to have a man who comes already attuned to the sensitivity of a woman.

That’s what granny dating prepares young men for – life and love.

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