The Ultimate Guide For Beginners In Granny Dating

Hot Granny

There are many younger men who want to date attractive older women, but it can be challenging to cougar date, especially if you are just getting started. According to granny/cougar language, a younger man is referred to as a “cub” and there are plenty of attractive older women looking for cubs. We’ve comprised an easy to follow guide to help you in your endeavor. You can find some success in dating attractive grannies, if you don’t just read the guide but follow it.

Where To Look For Attractive Older Women

Older women can be found anywhere and everywhere, supermarkets, shopping centers, and even casinos, but knowing which ones are “cub” hunting can be difficult. There are a few places that can take the frustration out of cougar hunting. One would be bars or clubs, and the other would be to use an online dating service.

Knowing Your Intentions

Since a granny has more experience dating, she will be able to pick up your body language, no matter how subtle, so make sure you know what you want from dating an older attractive woman. Cougars look for younger men for different reasons, some are just wanting to recapture their experiences from when they were younger, while others are looking for a boy toy. There are also those who really do want to have a meaningful relationship with a younger man, so make sure you know which one you want to be because she pick up on it.

Contemplating The Age Gap

An older woman knows she’s referred to as a “granny/cougar” so she doesn’t need to be reminded. Instead of bringing up the age difference, let her know that you’re interested in her because she’s an attractive woman.

It’s Not About You

It’s important that you show her that she’s the important one. This doesn’t mean that you can’t show a little dominance because you can. Older women enjoy a man that takes charge somewhat. You’ll want to give her undivided attention, communication, and you need to listen to what she is saying. You should always talk on the phone a time or two for a bit before taking her out, as well. You don’t want to talk to much though, leave some conversation for the date.

Having That First Date

When you take her out make sure you treat her like the lady that she is. This is the best time to get to know each other better. Although, she’s older and most likely richer, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay the bill. Most cougars will not give you a second date when you expect her to pay the bill or split the bill on a first date. The best advice is to just be yourself.

There are some things that you definitely shouldn’t do when choosing to date a granny. The most important is to never make her feel like she’s second to anything. You don’t want to talk about her past relationship either, so try to avoid them in your communications.

Granny dating can be a lot of fun and lead to a romantic relationship when you know how to.